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favorite movies of the last year

January 5th, 2011 | author: mari | filed under: moving pictures | 2 comments »

true grit, directed by joel and ethan coen

babies, directed by thomas balmès

diary of a wimpy kid, directed by thor freudenthal

red, directed by robert schwentke

127 hours, directed by danny boyle

exit through the gift shop, directed by banksy

toy story 3, directed by lee unkrich

waiting for superman, directed by davis guggenheim

i love you philip morris, directed by glenn ficarra and john requa

the illusionist, directed by sylvain chomet

lucky, directed by jeffrey blitz

a prophet/un prophète, directed by jacques audiard

life during wartime, directed by todd solondz

prodigal sons, directed by kimberly reed

2 Comments on “favorite movies of the last year”

  1. 1  said at 9:11 pm on January 6th, 2011:

    A Prophet was THE best movie of last year, hands down. Those documentaries look really good, too. Especially Prodigal Sons.

    Oh, and Red had some pretty choice action scenes, if I may say so myself.

  2. 2 mari said at 1:16 am on January 7th, 2011:

    desi, forget last year — a prophet is one of THE best movies i’ve seen, ever.

    prodigal sons was really good. i saw it at the laemmle theater on sunset over summer. it was a bit different than the trailer made it out to be. it focused less on the transgendered sibling (the filmmaker) and more on her mentally imbalanced brother. really deep stuff.

    and you’ve GOT to see babies and waiting for superman. i know i keep saying that, but seriously. they’ve both become two of my favorite docs.

    ps – the fight scene in red between karl urban and bruce willis is one of my favorite hand-to-hand combat sequences in a movie EVER. no phony kung fu shit, just believably raw blows to the face and body. NICE. it’s epicness is up there with the pool hall scene in mean streets.

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