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December 21st, 2010 | author: | filed under: decor |

i fell head-over-jeffrey campbells for farrow & ball’s “down pipe” when i first saw . for awhile, i’d been in a kind of heated lust with the idea of having a completely black or dark gray room, because my bedroom only has windows on one wall. during sunlight, the room could become a . only sucky thing is that my dad had every window in the house shuttered, which completely ruined my idea. ugh. on top of that, the shutters are stark white and my parents don’t want them painted over. double ugh. i ended up going through with my vision, anyway. it actually looks pretty righteous when the shutter blinds are tilted open during the daytime. the venetian blind shadows they create make me feel like i’m living in a noir film or a little shanty in havana.

the photo above is what my walls look like on the brightest of bright sunny days, right next to my window. since my room is one of the darkest in the house, it doesn’t get this light very often.

and it’s raining hippos and elephants outside right now, so this is what it looks like inside my little pirate-barton-grissom cave at the moment:

i’m so in love with it. it’s such a drastic change from what it was before — blue and green paint that i chose when i was about ten! i remember my choice in colors was inspired by the ninja turtles (can you guess which turtle is my favorite?). anyway, i haven’t taken any photos of the full room just yet since it’s still pretty skeletal and i have a lot left to do (unpacking my crap and reorganizing it, remodeling my closet, buying a rug, painting my desk, playing furniture tetris with my pets’ habitats, putting up artwork, etc). as a certified sensei of procrastination, i predict i’ll be done by next fall. oy.

ps – damn right that’s a knit *nsync blanket on my bed! lovingly bought for me by my mama when i was 11 years old! i’ve got the pillow shams, too. ngl, it’s one of my most prized possessions. no shame here.

pps – i know i installed my headboard backwards, ugh. my mom reminds me every single day. let’s just pretend that i was going for the industrial look, okay? i’ll fix it… eventually.

pps – yes, i have a twin bed. i promise i’m not 12. i’m 5’2.5″, my dog’s 7.5 pounds, we like to spoon, and i never get laid. a twin bed suits us perfectly. ;)

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every time i attempt to redecorate my room, i always go overboard and turn it into a serious project that involves mood boards, scenery sketches et al. i’m a mess. i blame it on my stint as a vis. comm./set design major at fidm.

anyway, here is a tiny peek of photos and inspiration from this go-round’s mood board — bits and pieces of the pirates of the caribbean attraction at disneyland, gil grissom’s office on csi: crime scene investigation, and the literally creepy as hell (if you’ve seen the movie, you know what i’m talking about) hotel earle in barton fink.

pirates of the caribbean at disneyland

my mommy and i went window-shopping for beds not too long ago and she asked me what my style was so she could help me narrow down my options. and like a 5-year-old, i replied: “pirates!! :D”

don’t worry, i didn’t end up with a ship-shaped bed, but the vignettes in the pirates ride at disneyland sort of epitomize my style. i have an obsession with prehistory, natural sciences, and old, dilapidated trésors mixed with things that represent the idea of nobility and finer living from different time periods — rusty chains and jewel-tone velvet, fossils and precious metals, tarnished candle lanterns, rich woods, and white sheepskin.

dr. gil grissom’s office

dr. grissom’s office in the original csi series is my dream workspace. ok, i lied — if gil grissom’s office made it with , they’d give birth to my dream workspace. i have no extra space in my room for a bona-fide cabinet of curiosity, so most of the curiosities i’ve collected over the years are placed in a box and stored in a cabinet in the garage. what i love about grissom’s office is that all of his curiosities and antiquities are spread around the room — like the tarantula encased in lucite on his desk and the neck (??) bone on top of his forensic refrigerator thing — which is visually a lot more interesting than a single cabinet.

hotel earle in “barton fink”

i’m desperate for a nubby, gold-and-cream striped quilt like barton’s. on its own, it’s a sunny little number. it reminds me of the type of thing your grandma would gift you to remind you of home before you left for summer camp (or space camp). but combined with the bubbling wallpaper, stained mattress, ambient lighting, and shoddy nightstands, it’s the perfect combination of cheery and creepy, comforting and unsettling. maybe it’s the baby-shit-yellow.

i love the huge, dramatic plants in the lobby of the hotel. i’ve always wanted to grow my own little shop of horrors…

and the FRINGE LAMPSHADES. there are a few amazing wall sconces, too. i want mood lighting like this in my bedroom. the way the light bounces off and casts deep shadows over the different textures in the hotel hyperbolically punctuates the chilling secrets hidden beneath its posh surface. yes, i’ve written a paper or two about the lighting in barton fink, if you can’t tell. roger deakins is a genius.

love that shot of the seemingly endless hallway lined with waiting-to-be-shined shoes!

i’m too chicken shit to post my over-the-top scenery sketches. maybe by the end of the week i will have grown a pair?

top to bottom: photos of disneyland california’s pirates of the caribbean attraction @ , photo from an exhibit on forensic science featuring one of several incarnations of gil grissom’s office on csi: crime scene investigation @ , barton fink screencaps @ and

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i’m kind of a reality show junkie. i mostly go for the competition shows, like the amazing race and top chef, but every now and then an episode of say yes to the dress or jersey shore makes its way onto my dvr. the reality shows i get into the most, though, are the down-and-dirty, raw documentary series — a la a&e’s obsessed and hoarders. i mean, what’s a couch potato to watch when she’s grown tired of all the scripted catfights and contestants talking shit in confessionals?

i was watching an archived dvr episode of hoarders a few weeks ago. it was the absolute worst episode i’ve ever seen of the show — the woman’s house was completely toxic, with ailing cats everywhere. sixteen dead cats were pulled from the disaster, and many were flattened completely by toppled debris and piles of junk. there was cat piss and droppings everywhere, making it impossible to salvage anything. and even as her crap was being dragged out of the house in biohazard bags (!!), she cried about how hard it was to see her possessions go. the show really makes you wonder how some folks get that depressed and that down and out to where they couldn’t care less about their health and interior situations, but i am guilty as charged of acute hoarding myself.

i really gotta get my boudoir in check. it’s embarrassing to admit, especially since i’m so passionate about aesthetics and interior/set design, but my bedroom has looked like a war zone for months now! it took me until two weeks ago (and that ep. of hoarders) to manifest the tiniest bit of motivation to get started on it. there’s just so much work to do. i swore up and down that once i turned 21, i’d reform my messy ways. alas, i’ve managed to regress into an even more pathetic pig. whoever coined the phrase, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” was on the money. i don’t think reform is impossible, but it’s a challenge. i’m just so used to my chaotic lifestyle — jumping over mountains (and mole hills) of clothing, dirty laundry piles toppling over into the clean pile, lost mates of socks and shoes that i miraculously manage to find last minute — it’s nothing short of a disaster.

if i were the subject of an episode of clean house (i’m probably two beats away from being eligible to apply), niecy nash would tell me that my clutter is a reflection of my inner emotions. it’s true, though. my bedroom is in shambles because my mind has been in shambles. the disarray? it’s full of clothes that no longer fit — the stuff i haven’t been able to face yet don’t want to see in my closet. ancient diary entries, failed art projects, fragments of my life that i don’t want to deal with, so i just toss them on the floor and kick-sweep ‘em into a corner of the room as if that’ll cease their existence.

the other night, though, i couldn’t even get a good night’s sleep because of the clutter that was literally surrounding my dreams. the state of my room was bothering me in a way that it never had before. i’ve been making a lot of positive changes in my life recently (socially, physically, and academically), so maybe my mind made itself up that my boudoir needs to catch up to the rest of me. so that night, i sat in my bed, and began planning out “mission: organized chaos.” i’ve had enough. i’m cleaning that bitch top to bottom and making it over; i’m on a mission to turn my disorganized chaos into… well, organized chaos. as much as i adore the look, i don’t think i’m going to be a modern minimalist any time soon, so i’m embracing my chaotic nature by taming the clutter and making it more visually interesting. in honor of my epiphany and as a boost of morale for the weeks of work ahead, here are some photos that have been inspiring me to curate my mess.

, an exhibit on forensic science featuring one of several incarnations of gil grissom’s office on csi: crime scene investigation @ , adidas installation @ , markus wormstorm @ , scan from interior alchemy @ (rebecca purcell’s work is a chaotically organized mini-hoarder’s wet dream)